Helping you create dream income properties.

My name is Kai and I believe lifestyle first, then making life-changing money.  Oh yeah, I have a slight obsession with unique rentals and real estate.


Replace Your Job


Build Generational Wealth


Work For Yourself

Your life is spent making someone else rich. Now do it for yourself.

In a world of get-rich-quick-schemes I like to go back to the fundamentals of generating TRUE wealth – real estate. And I’m not talking about your parent’s version of buy and hold or BRRRR (buy, remodel, rent, refinance, repeat).

You probably want a much better return on your hard-earned money, where you can build multiple income streams from a single property.

Well, if you have a decent credit score and steady income you can start.

Turning dirt into dream income properties.

Meet Your Guide: Kai

I quit my job at 27 with my unique rentals. Now I want to help you do the same.

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Kai Andrew

After studying business and construction engineering in undergrad Kai got involved with start-ups right away.

However he quickly found, like most people, that he was struggling working for someone else and making others rich (trading time for money).

And that was the start of his entrepreneurial journey, which includes moving around the world, obtaining his MBA and (of course) lots of short-term rentals and shipping containers.

Nowadays, he’s committed to helping, connecting and teaching others how they can use real estate as a means to create dream income properties and replacing their day jobs so they can focus on their own lifestyles.

Kai’s Programs

Group Coaching

Land Hacker

This is a comprehensive 8-week program where you’ll learn how to create a 5-point action plan to search for the right property, acquire it and build multiple income streams that moves you closer to leaving your job.

1-On-1 Coaching

Inner Circle

Supercharge Your Investments: No question left unanswered. Our exclusive Inner Circle membership gives you unparalleled access to a wealth of real estate knowledge with 1:1 and group sessions that tackle your projects in real time. Be my mentee for a year and join a tight-knit mastermind group of practicing real estate entrepreneurs.


Tax Planning & Strategy

Here’s your chance to learn from me and other like-minded entrepreneurs and investors in an 8-week program teaching you how to make multiple incomes from ONE property. Complete below to see my calendar.

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