Reviews for Kai Andrew

(327 Students)

Reid P.

In short, the thorough nature of the program is incredible. I honestly believe many of us could TEACH about this now having took the course. The amount of information in and around not just STR, but RE in general was like a highbrow university Masters class.

Erin W.

The evergreen content and all the downloadable content were the most useful and valuable. Plus the fact that we are invited to future cohorts and able to jump back into the community when the time is right for us. That and Kai is readily available and cares about our success!

Ben V.

I really appreciate Kai’s availability, knowledge, and willingness to set you up for success. The amount of material and ongoing resources are invaluable. The step -by-step process and the many people who shared their expertise and experience were extremely useful.

Derrick Q.

Well put together! Resources and downloads to name a few of the most useful aspects of the program. No complaints…

Jordan C.

Love it. Wish I could get started but my life situation is delaying it.  Everything is great. Maybe more step by step walk through examples. It’s nice when you can walk through a section together. Love it when the teacher holds my hand lol.  The zoning for me was a big help. Also the way to run numbers.


Networking with like minded individuals is most useful.

Having more “homework” in specific topics would help.


Enjoy the thoroughness and accessibility that we have to Kai and other resources.

Cam Z.

100% would recommend! Easily the most comprehensive course on real estate development I have ever seen. I was able to immediately apply the things I learned in this program with the purchase and development of my first project before I was even finished with classes. This is truly a transformative platform that does an amazing job of teaching even seasoned real-estate professionals new ways of building wealth and creating cash flows from a property.

Michael V.

The content and information is extremely high quality. The course was formatted nicely to take you through each step needed to be successful with property investing through land hacking. I like that the details that were not covered in the course modules can be reviewed in live classes, and how Kai makes himself accessible for more specific questions. The fact that we can join into future live classes is invaluable and makes the course well worth the investment. Kai’s character and desire to teach others what he has learned shines through, making this program extremely valuable and enjoyable to attend.

Mark T.

This program provides a very strong foundation for grasping the entire process of how to go from zero to fully understanding how to scope and evaluate potential projects. No stone is left unturned! With that said if you have a specific question Kai is there for you as well! Really you get what you put in here!

Venetia R.

Very informative and engaging. The foundation, resources and and ability to ask questions of experts in the field. I was part of the first class. One of the only areas I found difficult was the amount of content at a time. I thought the depth of information was amazing but it was a lot to pack in and commit to.

Daniel P.

Nothing but excellent execution! Very knowledgeable & easy to digest material.  All the knowledge is top tier and accurate. I would love to do a physical workshop for elite members.


It was a great overview and immersion into land hacking – not just the “how”‘s but also the “why”s and what to look out for, what not to do, how to optimize stuff, etc. Thank you Kai!


I was told it was 70% about actually starting a glamping biz not getting land.

Rhonda D.

He’s already given us so much value, I’m not sure at this point he can improve.  His willingness to listen and help beginners in most valuable.

Jordan P.

Just all of the experience that Kai brings was valuable. It’s nice to know that the teacher has been there and done that and is still active in what he teaches.

Jonathan H.

Zoning and permitting and insurance were the most useful and valuable sections of the program!

Drew P.

The 1-1 sessions have been by far the most valuable.

Andrew A.

Its great I love it.


This program has been my best business training ever!

Symoné B., "Beez"

Kai went above and beyond during our consultation. He provided extreme value by walking me through the glamping process from start to finish. He also showed me his exclusive strategy for assessing an area on Airbnb, how to finance my glamping real estate investment, and insight on zoning issues I should be aware of.

I learned more in this consultation than every YouTube video I have ever watched on glamping combined! Well worth the investment. Kai geniuly wants to see you succeed. Thanks for everything.

Jason C.

“I definitely feel as though I got my money’s worth from this meeting, each person should come ready with questions and openness to learn. The session was helpful in providing direction as I was looking into all sorts of properties but Kai really helped me narrow down what I should look for that fits my needs.”

Trey B.

“I saw Kai on YouTube and started taking notes. I appreciate his detailed way of reaching specific methods and topics. Very nice and truthful guy, helped me answer many questions and gave me tips when we set up a 1 hour consultation. Definitely worth the money, I want to set up more calls in the near future.”

Alejandro H.

Kai was on time, kind, friendly, but the most important thing is that he was very knowledgeable and he answered all the questions we had regarding our plan to expand our portfolio.

Miles O.

“Kai was extremely informative during our consultation, I would highly recommend booking a session if you’re interested in developing a short term rental business. Very small price to pay now knowing I’m on the right track.”

Brandon C.

Kai definitely knows his stuff when it comes to short term rentals! I can tell he really cares about his clients. If you are in the process or are thinking about short term rentals then Kai is the guy to go to.

Matt H.

Booking a session with Kai helped me clarify my strategies. We talked through a couple scenarios and I clearly understood what I needed to do next on each. He was very generous with his time and offered to follow up on any future questions I had. If you are hesitating, book a session and come prepared with questions. He will answer all of them.

Jenni V.

I had the privilege of spending 90 minutes picking Kai’s brain today, and it was well worth my time. Kai is very professional, a great teacher, and was able to break down things for me that noone else has been able to. I look forward to continuing to coach with him in the future!

An C.

Kai is good listener, open minded & honest in his opinions. I’m savvy entrepreneur myself but I’ve never done short term rental, so seeking Kai’s advice is a necessity for any smart short term rental investor. Kai is passionate & a master of what he’s doing. He’s innovative but also practical. He gave me a lot knowledge about short term rental compacted in a short 1 hour (I should have booked a longer session with him). A lot of those knowledges are beyond his advices on his YouTube channel, they are specific to my case scenario in my area. So go ahead and book a private session with him now before he’s becoming too big of an entrepreneur for us little people. LOL. Anyways, it’s totally worth it.

David J.

Kai a storehouse of knowledge and experience! His background in business, building, real estate and short-term rentals is invaluable to anyone looking to enter this industry whether you’re brand new or a seasoned pro. Time with Kai is a MUST!

In my case, I think I underpaid for the value I got. … probably half a dozen nuggets of wisdom that can make the difference in me going after this deal and then making the most of it or deciding to pursue something else, so I feel like I got way way more value than I gave.

Again many many thanks and hope to chat again in the future.

Samantha H.

The session with Kai gave me all the information to move forward in the glamping business. I’d already learned so much from the videos but still had more questions. The biggest bonus was getting to bouncing ideas back and forth and sharing the vision with Kai, who’s been doing it for years!

Jeff T.

I honestly felt like I got more than our money’s worth. Kai really took care to look out for our families best interest when it came to diving into this market. He was really sincere to ensure that we were not getting into uncharted waters with our investment. I can’t give him enough praise for his care and intent.

Chris & Whitney C.

“My wife and I booked a consultation with Kai as we are in the process of purchasing our first short term rental investment property and we had a ton of lingering questions that we felt Kai’s experience in the business would be able to help us with and he did not disappoint! Kai is great at listening and he was very thorough! We went over our concept, finances, rate of return, construction and renovation and some golden nugget Airbnb pro tips! You name it, Kai was able to provide valuable insight for us! It was totally worth the investment. If you’re looking to get into the short term rental business you can’t go wrong with consulting with Kai!”

Jalen & Jasmine

We came to Kai not knowing what direction to take to start our glamping business. In an hour, Kai was able to get through our most pressing questions, discuss things we hadn’t even considered and made us feel 10x more confident that we can get our own glamping business up and running. He has an incredible depth of knowledge in the short-term rentals space and we really appreciated his openness to share stories from his own successes and learnings.

Jim P.

Kai brings a ton of knowledge and experience to the table. By taking the time to understand my goals, Kai was able to help me build a roadmap to achieve financial freedom. Plus, he is as fun and engaging to talk to as he is in his Youtube videos. Thanks Kai!