Nearly Two Decades of Experience

Professional Tax Services

Work with my team when it comes to tax planning, strategy and advice.

We help you with…

Tax Strategy

You’ll work with our tax team to dig into your financials and create a specific strategy to save you the most money legally possible.

1:1 Consultations

Meet regularly with us to answer your questions and help navigate and plan around your business and personal taxes.

Future Planning

Taxes are something that requires an element of future planning – especially when you start adding income streams. We discuss those plans for the future.


Meet Kevin Smoot

With nearly two decades of experience…

In the tax industry, Kevin has worked for large firms and individuals from all backgrounds. Kevin and I have now partnered up to provide a professional tax firm designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our focus is tax planning, strategy and preparation for business owners, real estate investors and creatives.

Want to add us to your team? Set up a free consultation call to see what we can do and help you legally avoid taxes.

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