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You want a property to double your income, but you struggle with:

  • MKnowing where to start looking
  • MUnderstanding zoning and permits
  • MFeeling overwhelmed with information
  • MLacking a clear plan
  • MUnderstanding the numbers
  • MKnowing how to analyze a market
  • MMissing land deals
  • MBuilding a real estate portfolio

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Join live classes, networking events, and weekly office hours form the comfort of your home.


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The Land Hacker Program

This is a comprehensive 8-week program where you’ll learn how to create a 5-point action plan to search for the right property, acquire it and build multiple income streams that moves you closer to leaving your job.

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Over +400 Students

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Week 1 - Creating Scope

Welcome to Class!
Class 1: Why I Prefer Land Hacking More Than Stocks
Class 2: Deciding Between LTR v. STR
Class 3: Are you an Investor or Entrepreneur?
Class 4: How to Assess an Opportunity
Class 5: How to Assess & Create a Strategy (Part 1)
Class 6: How to Assess & Create a Strategy (Part 2)
Class 7: Equity Stacking is the Secret Sauce
Class 8: Who is my Customer?! (IMPORTANT)
Class 9: What Kind of Lifestyle Do I Want to Build?
Class 10: Best Structures For Your Property & Customer
Class 11: These are Your Financing Options
Add-on Class: Getting Creative with Financing
Add-on Class: Buying STR without Proof of Taxes/Income
Add-on Class: Financing Expert Interview
Bonus: Guest Speaker Interview – Robert Abasolo (Robuilt)
Bonus: Q&A with Robuilt Parts 1 & 2

Week 2 - Identifying Great Areas

Key tactics for developing an investor’s eye for real estate, so you can spot profitable locations before they get snatched up.

Class 1: How Your ‘Avatar’ Dictates Your Location
Class 2: The 6 Types of Guests & Spaces
Class 3: Intro to the Golden Triangle Method
Class 4: How to Setup Your Triangles
Class 5: Know the Rule Before Your Break Them
Class 6: Using Data to Prove Your Triangles
Class 7: The Land Acquisition Checklist
Class 8: How to Value A Property for Land Hacking
Class 9: Example of Valuing a Property
Class 10: Leasing v. Buying Land & Property
Class 11: Using ‘Spiderweb Method’ to Find Land & Property
Class 12: Creating Off-Market Deals with Batchleads
Bonus: Guest Speaker Interview – Tony Robinson (How he got 18 properties in 2 years)
Bonus: Q&A with Tony

Week 3 - Navigate Zoning & Permits

Your go-to cheat sheet for understanding the essential zoning laws, regulations and property permits you need to start earning fast.

Class 1: The 3 Parts of Zoning
Class 2: How to Use Zoning Maps to Pinpoint Areas
Class 3: Must Know Zoning Strategies
Class 4: What to Look For with Zoning
Class 5: Winning Over Your County Department
Class 6: Easy v. Hard Way of Navigating Zoning
Class 7: The Permitting Process
Class 8: Understanding Conditional, Special Use Permits & Zoning Changes
Class 9: Pro Tips & Strategies with Zoning & Permits

Week 4 - Market & Numbers Analysis

Analyze, strategize and maximize your returns. This is the ready-made blueprint for crunching market numbers, no matter how much you hate math.

Class 1: What Are We Trying to do with Market Analysis?
Class 2: Equity Creation and using Zillow
Class 3: Using AirDNA to Prove an Area
Class 4: Using Airbnb (& VRBO) for Deep Market Research
Class 5: Getting Granular with Airbnb to Help Us Decide
Add-on Class: Researching with Data.Rabbu.com
Class 6: Market Analysis Wrap-Up
Class 7: Running the Numbers for Profitability
Class 8: Always Run ‘Unit Economics’
Class 9: Using ‘Unlevered Free Cash Flows’ to See If It’s Worth It
Class 10: Example of Using ‘Unlevered Free Cash Flows’

Week 5 - Construction & Structures

An engineer’s insight into what makes a profitable property, so you can re-imagine your existing structures and build them out better.

Class 1: The Basics Before You Start Building
Class 2: Step-by-Step Build/Remodel/Rehab Process (High level)
Class 3: Finding Good Contractors at a Fair Price
Class 4: Deciding on Your Game Plan with Structures
Class 5: Is the Structure Worth It or Not?
Class 6: Ranking the Different Structures

Week 6 - Layering Protection (Taxes, LLCs & Insurance)

Must-know tactics for reducing your risks, covering your legalities, picking the right insurance and legally avoiding a hefty bill come tax season.

Class 1: Overview of Mitigating Your Risks
Class 2: When is the Best Time to Transfer Property into LLC?
Class 3: Pros v Cons of Putting Property Under an LLC
Class 4: How to Transfer Property to an LLC
Class 5: Layering Insurance Policies
Class 6: Avoiding Taxes Legally
You Made It!

Week 7 - Airbnb: Designing a Top Performer

Quick Guide
Class 1: Finding the Ideal Locations
Class 2: Numbers to Understand Before Buying
Class 3: Your Management Options
Class 4: Designing for Profit
Class 5: The Best Design Choices
Class 6: Design Faux Poes & Instagram-ability
Class 7: Equity Stacking is the Secret Sauce
Class 8: Where to Buy & Furnish
Add-on Class: Buying STR without Proof of Taxes/Income
Add-on Class: Designing for WOW (How to get 30-80% off ALL furniture and supplies)

Week 8 - Airbnb: Operating a Legit STR Business

Class 8: Setup & Create Top 1% Listing
Class 9: Automating Communications
Class 10: Building Systems and the Hiring Funnel
Class 11: Hiring and Having the Right Contractors on File
Class 12: Understanding the STR Operation Flow
Class 13: Dealing with Issues & Damages
Class 14: Picking the Right Pricing
Class 15: Why Reviews Make or Break Your Business
Class 16: Layering Protection with Insurance Policies
Add-on Class: Breaking Down Insurance Coverage and Providers
Class 17: Kai’s Pro-Tips

Everything That’s Inside


Live Seminars & Group Coaching

Engage with me and get your most burning real estate questions answered in real time with monthly live seminars that won’t put you to sleep.

Can't Miss Guests

Get unparalleled industry insight from top earning real estate investors (and past students) who have been there, done that and made all the worst mistakes, so that you don’t have to.


Cheat Sheets

Study smarter, not harder. Our downloadable collection of reference guides and real estate cheat sheets are here to make navigating your first ‘land hack’ easy and painless.


Membership to Purchasing Group and Batchleads.io

Get 3 months free access to the best purchasing group (35%-80% off retail pricing) of high-end furniture, towels, linens and rental supplies. You’ll also get a trial membership to one of the key platforms we use to search for properties – Batchleads


Lasting Connections

Join forces with a growing community of anti-office rebels in our private Land Hacking community, designed for building long-term relationships founded on freedom.


1-On-1 Expert Consultations

Put your new skills to work with support from our expert team of tax specialists, mortgage brokers and interior designers responsible for bringing 6-figure visions to life.


Lifetime Access

After enrolling you’ll have access to the entire Land Hacker Video Library, all future updates and additions (8 new videos to date), and access to all future live classes. Even after you graduate from the Program you’re welcome (and encouraged) to come back and revisit anytime.


20+ hours of insight

Dive into the largest collection of instructional ‘Land Hacking’ breakdown videos with our always evolving digital library, so you can deepen your knowledge, and refresh your skills, on your own time.


How much money do I need?

I recommend at least $30k before getting started. But I have seen folks start with $10k or less. For this program I like to see students have $50k+ saved up before doing true land hacks. BUT, just because you do not have the funds to start land hacking now, it doesn’t mean building your knowledge, experience and skills have to wait. Money is rarely the limiting factor to most entrepreneur’s successes. Alas, it is an important component.

In the Program we will talk about your different options when it comes to financing and how to set yourself up strategically.

How do I know where to look?

Golden Triangle Method & Batchleads app.

With these two tools you’ll pretty much be able to identify any and all healthy locations in the United States. I have had a number of international students use the Golden Triangle method to great success in other countries as well.

Is Airbnb getting too competitive?

No…and yes. The number of people traveling and seeking out high quality, clean and well-managed spaces still significantly outpaces the actual number of listings. But there are a lot of new entrants into the short-term rental market.

I teach you how to rise above everyone else, how to increase the barriers of entry in your market and make others compete with you. And when necessary, know when to walk away from an over saturated market.

There is always plenty of room when you’re operating at a high-level and have the right property.

How can I manage remotely?

Systems. Systems. Systems.

Managing remotely is doable, but it does require more time and money (doesn’t everything?) up front.

You want to build out protocols for any scenario you can think of and make sure you have a system AND the right team members in place.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the people on your team and if you have the right people in the right seats.

We will have a remote managing expert who can help address this within the Program as well.

Can I start with little, or no, experience?

Absolutely. It’s important to be in a growth and learning mindset, but we all must start from somewhere. I encourage beginners to start with ‘proof of concepts’ and develop their fundamental skills when first starting off in real estate. As you develop and grow, so can your projects.

What does "hacking" mean?

Hacking is a common term that means to take something that is traditionally used one way and create multiple uses with relatively little work or money.

Land hacking borrows from that same concept. Where most folks focus on a 1:1 door-to-property ratio – we look at 2:1, 3:1, 4+:1 income-to-property ratio.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. This does require funding and hard work. But that’s all relatively cheap when compared to the rewards.

Can I start leasing instead of buying?

Absolutely. For folks who do not have a lot of funds in the beginning it’s good to get started and gain the knowledge, experience and skills of acquiring, setting up contracts and then building out a site to then host.

Leasing does have some downsides though. The key ones being:

1. No equity
2. Stuck in a contract
3. Land owner can steal your idea
4. Can be more expensive than you think

How much time will this take?

A few months to a year plus. It really is dependent on if you plan on doing this part-time or full-time and how big your team and budget is. Smaller operations can get up and going within a few months with the right team. While larger projects may stretch well over a year.

But when you’re done you will have (should have) created significant equity and cash flows from your land.

What’s the best way have my space stand out?

Short answer – whatever photographs the best. People these days make decisions off of photos and videos on their cell phones. But the more thorough answer is to understand which design styles (which we talk inside the Program) are most attractive to your customer base and create the design around that. Include aspects and elements that will stand out in both photos and when guests arrive. I call these statement pieces.

How, and who, do I need to hire?

Hands down your most important hire will be the cleaner. Never work with large cleaning outfits – they don’t care about you or your property. Work with starting entrepreneurs and small local businesses. Next will be your handyman and then ultimately whoever you decide to manage the property. But honestly, when you get the right people you don’t need a manager and you save 20-30% of you rental income.

How do I know if a place is worth buying?

Lots of analysis and research goes into this, but you can do a lot of the research on the Airbnb site itself as well as AirDNA. But the end of the day I use something I call the Golden Triangle Method to determine the best locations.

Are there too many Airbnbs and STRs already?

Some areas such as city centers it’s very crowded. But even with the massively crowded markets, a lot of hosts are average at best. This leaves room for principled entrepreneurs who have a vision for long-term success and not just short-term gains – which is what I focus on.

How do I manage remotely?

It’s all about systems and having the right team put together. In the beginning you don’t need employees, but you’ll need the right contractors and what’s call systems of control. The better, and more thought out, these are the less headaches and the more automated things will be. And when you get to this level, you can literally manage properties from any distance.

What’s the best way to market my property?

Airbnb and VRBO are the top two contenders. But eventually having your own site maybe a worthwhile venture. But for 98% of listings the primary place to stand out is Airbnb.

How much can I realistically make?

On the low end, it’s about $1000/month. High end is $20,000/month. Average is roughly $5,000/month. Simply put, significantly higher than long term rentals.

What’s the best way of financing STR deals?

You can buy a property with multiple spaces with a traditional mortgage, live in one space and rent out the others. You can also use a 2nd home mortgage or investment property mortgage as well. These will all have an impact on your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans are perhaps the best of both worlds. You can secure financing without proof of income, put the property into an LLC without issue and have zero effect on your DTI ratio.

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